Monday, March 31, 2014

March 2014

March...Where did March go???  I feel like it flew by!! It was probably because we had so much to do this month.  Here is our recap!

1.  The Natural History Museum of Houston (Sugar Land Branch)...This awesome museum is right down the road from us.  The kids had a great time learning about bats and dinosaurs.  Such a great way to spend the day.
Jax is super interested in bats right now...he was so excited to see a special BAT exhibit.

Ella liked the dinosaurs the best! (I think she loved WALKING through the whole museum...and not riding in a stroller).

2.   Ella drew her first person!!  It is so darn cute...I am going to frame it.

3. Spring Break!!!  
We headed to Albuquerque for the entire Spring Break!  We had so much fun with all of the family and great friends.  We stayed super busy all seems like there is never enough time to see everyone when we are there.  I wouldn't change it...I love running around! The kids had so much fun with all of their cousins.  We miss our family so much!!
I love this picture.
Yep...we have 5 GIRLS in our family, under the age of 5!!
I love them so much!

 My little nephew Finn...I love him so.

4.  THIS TOOTH FINALLY FELL OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  This tooth has been loose since SEPTEMBER!!!!  It has been the topic of every discussion in our house!  It was the bain of my existence!!!  Jaxon is SOOOO excited it is finally gone, and we didn't have to pull it.

5. Fishing!  
Rich took the kids fishing while we were in Albuquerque.  Jaxon caught 7 fish and Ella caught 5!!  They had so much fun fishing with Grandma and Grandpa and their cousins!

 6.   This lady!!!  
Rich had to go to California for work...just for one day.  So...thanks to my sister, Stacey (THANK YOU!!!), I got to tag along!  Stacey was kind enough to take care of the kiddos over night so I could go with Rich.  While I was there, (for a whole 8 hours), I got to see HEATHER!!  Oh how I have missed her!  She and her AMAZING daughters ditched their day and hung out with me all day.  Breakfast, Lunch, shopping and nails...then a plane ride home.  It was soooo much fun.  

We EVEN dressed the same!!

We have been hearing about the Houston Rodeo for years!  It did not disappoint!  Baby animals, Rodeo, greasy food...what is not to like?? 

8.  My Sweet Olivia (Disclaimer...the next pic is gross)

My niece Olivia fell at school and hit her head on a bookshelf...25 stitches later...she was good as new.  She didn't EVEN cry!  She is awesome.

9.  Jaxon went on his very first field trip!  We went to a Wildlife Zoo.  He got to ride a tram where the animals came up and ate out of his bucket.  Then he got to ride a horse!  It was a great day, and I feel so lucky that I got to go with him.

10. My Daddy turned 70!!!
 I am one of those girls that is super lucky.  I am lucky because I have an amazing dad.  This is a pic of him with my nephew, Finn.  It explains him perfectly. He has always been a great dad...and an even better grandpa.  Happy Birthday Daddy!  We Love You!

Saturday, March 29, 2014

February 2014

This has been a busy month!!  We had so much fun!! Let's count the 10 most exciting things...

1.  My Sweet Ella turned 3!!!!!!!  I can't believe my sweet girl is already 3 years old!!  She is such a funny little girl and I love her so very much!  She requested a pink castle cake with Prince charming on it.  She loved it!!  She wanted to celebrate her big day by going to the zoo...she loved every second  of that too.   She is an absolute joy...I am so proud to be her mama!!
The birthday girl

Ella's day at the zoo!

Opening her birthday presents

2.  Make up...Ella loves it.
She had to "get pretty for grandpa".
3.  Grandma and Grandpa came to visit!!!  We were so happy that they came to see us! Ella loves taking pics of them!  I think I have about 100 Ella pics on my camera right now!
Grandpa at lunch time

"Smile gam-ma"
 4.  Rich and I got to go to Washington DC for a few days!!  Rich had a conference and I to tag along.  IT WAS SOOOO COLD!  But, we had a GREAT time!
The Washington Monument
5. Valentines Day: Can I just take a minute to say how amazing my husband is??  I woke up to find this note on my mirror...each word on a different post it.  I was HUGE!  I was so overwhelmed with such a beautiful heartfelt gesture.  I left it up for days...he is such a keeper!!

-The kids were pretty into Valentines Day this year...I think Ella is convinced that this is HER holiday...all the hearts, pink and purple...make her so very happy!

My heart

Valentine's day breakfast for my sweethearts.
5. Jaxon's Cub Scout Blue and Gold Banquet- Jaxon had a blast at his Blue and Gold.  He had to make a cake for the event and he won "Coolest Cake".  We were major over achievers...and we loved every second of it.  He is a great helper when it comes to making cakes!  He had a blast with all of the games too...the night was a huge success!

Coolest cake!!  Volcano cake with dinosaurs!

Lava cake....Dry ice was in the volcano!
Game time!
6.  This kills me every time.

7. I love how much she loves her daddy...isn't this adorable??

8. Texas...oh your crack me up.

This is at Walmart...hahaha!
9. I got a knock at the door...and it was a package from UPS.  I wasn't expecting I was wondering what was in this great PINK box!!!  I was sooooooo  stoked to see these little babies inside!! My sweet sissy sent me these!!  If you haven't had them...order them.  AMAZING!!  Cupcakes all the was from DC!  Thank you Sarie...I love you and miss you so very much!

10. This little girl has learned to SHOP.  She is a pincher and a squeezer...she wants to walk in all the stores and she loves to touch EVERYTHING.  A simple errand now turns into a world of the unknown for Ella Belle...hilarious. 

Saturday, February 1, 2014

January 2014

As you can see, blogging has fallen behind a little.  Well...a lot acutally.  We have been a bit busy these days.  In August we found out we were moving to Texas.  We put our house on the market, sold it, and moved all by the middle of October.  So now we are a little bit settled.

I thought I would jump back into blogging by copying by sister's blogging methods.  She blogs the top ten things that they did every month of the year.  So maybe this will help me actually get on this computer and blog a little.

Here it goes...


1.  Happy New Year!  We got to spend the New Year's with my WHOLE family here in Texas!  We were so happy to have family here!

2. Jaxon made his first Pinewood Derby Car!  He decided to make the BatMobile.  He and Daddy did a great job!

3.  We got a little bored one night, and this happened.  Several times...because after building it, we had to knock it down of course.

4.  Jaxon WON "Best Design" at the Pinewood Derby.  We don't quite know how to make it go fast, but we sure can build a pretty...I mean a tough car.

5.  We have met so many people and have been invited to so many things!  We went to park day and had a great time!  We have done more in 3 months then we did in 5 years in California!  Maybe we were just hermits in CA...who knows.  All we know, is we are having a great time!

6. Ella found purple eye shadow.

8.  This little guy found his legs!  Finny finally started walking!!  Watch out's Finn!!

9.  OLIVIA!!! Oliva (my niece) turned 9 this month!  Olivia is AMAZING!  She is smart, funny, and sassy.  She is an amazing sister and and even a better cousin.  I am so happy that Ella has Olivia to look up to.  She is such a great role model and we are so happy to call her ours!

10.  SARAH!! My sister (my other half) had a birthday this month.  I can't believe that I get to call my best friend my sister.  Happy Birthday to my sarie berry.  I love you.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Happy Birthday, Son!

My Jaxon is 8 today!!!  I can't believe it!  I feel like we just brought him home from the hospital in his little green and blue outfit with hippos on it.

Jaxon is the love of my life.  Every morning, as I am dragging him out of bed, his cute little freckles look up at me under his big blue eyes and smile.  He once had me count his freckles while we snuggled.  I counted 162.  He thought that was a great number. 

I love that he doesn't care much for the computer...the iPad is a MAJOR perk when he does something awesome.  I love that he gets so excited to see new movies, and that he LOVES playing Skylanders with his dad.  I love that when I am cleaning the living room, the playroom, and his room...when I lift up the pillows on the couch or bed, I find a pile of Transformers, Cars or dinosaurs.  I love that he adores Ella.  I love that he loves his cousins more then his friends.  I love that he is starting to understand sarcasm...and he uses it appropriately.  I love that when he has a bad dream, he comes into our bed and snuggles so close to me I can feel him breathe on me...and if it is a weekend...he still climbs on my chest and listens to my heartbeat. 

I love that he makes me want to be a better mother.  I love that he is pure 8 year old perfection. 

I love you, Jaxon.


2 days old

8 Years old!!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013


It happened...Kellie went camping.  I haven't been camping in 9 YEARS!  I am not the biggest fan of camping.  I just happen to like my clean bed.  :)

We went with out friends The Giles and the Mylroies.  We went up to Big Bear.  To my surprise I had a great time.  The company was great and the kids had a great time!  Ella was FILTHY!  Jax was exhausted by the end of the it was a pretty great trip!

Sleepy head.
She LOVED sleeping in a tent!
Such great friends!
Ella had dirt on her face the WHOLE time.
Cute kids at the Discovery Center in Big Bear.
Ella playing music at the Discovery Center.
Jax getting brave.
Swimming at the Swim Beach in Big Bear.